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13 Desember 2010

Pindang Egg/ Telur Pindang

1. INTRODUCTIONEggs are one source of animal protein having an excellent flavor,easily digested, and highly nutritious. In addition, eggs are easy to obtain andthe price is cheap. Eggs can be used as a side dish, mixing ingredientsvarious foods, flour eggs, medicines, and so forth. Eggs consist ofprotein 13%, 12% fat, and vitamins, and minerals. The highest value of eggscontained in the yolk. Egg yolks contain amino acidsnecessary and essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, less calcium,and vitamin B complex. Some proteins (50%) and all the fat containedin egg yolk. The egg whites who account for about 60% of allRounded egg contains 5 types of protein and less carbohydrates. Weaknesseggs are easily damaged properties, both natural destruction, chemical anddamage caused by invading microorganisms through the pores of the egg. Because ofthe preservation effort is critical to maintaining the quality of eggs.Eggs would be more beneficial when cooked medium rare than boilcooked or eaten raw. Dry fried eggs are also less good,because egg protein denaturation experience or damaged, meaning the quality of the protein willdecreased. Various kinds of eggs are: chicken eggs (village and race), eggsduck, quail and others.Egg quality is determined by: 1) the quality of the inside (white and viscosityegg yolk, egg yolk position, and presence or absence of stains or spots of blood onegg white or yellow) and 2) the quality of the outside (the shape and color,egg surface, integrity, and cleanliness of the egg shell).Generally, eggs will be damaged after being stored for more than 2weeks in an open space. Damage includes damage visiblefrom the outside and the damage that can be known only after the eggs broke.The first damage in the form of natural damage (broken, cracked). Other Damageis due to air in the egg contents out so the degree of acidity increases.Another cause is due to release of moisture from the egg that makesdecreased egg weight and egg white diluted so that the freshness of eggs declines.Damage to eggs can also be caused by the entry of microbes into the egg,which occurs when the egg is still in its mother's body. Damage to eggsmainly caused by dirt on eggshells. How tocope with actual egg washing will only acceleratedamage. So in general, eggs are dirty will be more durable thanbeen washed. Decline in egg quality is strongly influenced by storage temperatureand humidity of storage space.The principle of preserving eggs is to:1) Prevent the entry of bacteria into the egg;2) Prevent the discharge of water from the egg.Some of the preservation process that preserved intact eggs with the skinamong others:1) the cooling process;2) dry packing process;3) the process of coating with oil;4) the process of immersion in various liquids.To maintain freshness and quality of egg content, required handling techniquesappropriate, for the nutritional value of eggs still good and does not change taste, odor, color,and contents.Processed by boiling eggs in a solution of extract of guava leaves,pink stone, or coconut coir and salt.2. MATERIALS1) Eggs domestic chicken / duck eggs 302) guava leaf / coconut fibers 100 grams / taste3) Salt 200 grams4) Water 1 liter5) bay leaves to taste3. TOOLS1) Pan2) Stoves or other heating appliance.4. MAKING WAY1) Wash fresh or raw eggs as many as 3 0 points;2) Create a solution of salt 6% ~ 10% (60 to 100 grams in 1 liter of water);3) Boil the eggs in salt solution, then enter the bay leaves and leafguava or coconut fiber as much as you have specified. If the eggalready half-cooked (about 10 minutes boiling), do the crackingegg shell (by hitting hit her) so that the egg shell becomescrack;4) Continue boiling until 20 minutes. Cooking is doneuntil the color of the skin surface become blackish brown eggs and chill

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